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voyage at the edge of imagination

A Voyage to the Edge of Imagination at the Science Museum in London

If you are in London (or plan to be before May 4th 2023) and love science-fiction (or science), then you should include Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination in your schedule. Here is why.

What is Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination?

The latest exhibition at the Science Museum, and the most daring one they had displayed so far, an immersive experience fit for all age ranges and tastes. The concept itself is brilliant: you board a spaceship and start a journey through the various sectors of science-fiction to discover how it influenced different aspects in the development of human science and technology, and how it might influence the future. Your guide is an artificial intelligence of alien origin, who will be with you during your exploration.

What you’ll see

The spaceship (aka the exhibition) is divided into several sections, showing the strong relationship between science fiction and real science and technology: space exploration, medicine, literature & comics, movies, and so on. Peppered with short movies, games, displays, and sounds, it also features space suits, costumes, artefacts, and posters from iconic sci-fi productions (Star Trek and Alien among them). You warp, pass through wormholes, find out how pessimistic or optimistic you are regarding the existence of life on other planets, play a few climate change-related scenarios and see what impact your choices have upon your community. And finish in style, on an impressive observation deck looking at a faraway planet.


Though I would have loved it to be a bit more immersive, it was still interactive enough to keep me there for about two hours. It offers a lot to see, watch, and play. And, at the end, it leaves you wondering about the future of humanity and your role as an individual in it.

Many thanks to my friend Alex aka Methos for letting me use his photos 🙂

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