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My Steampunk Novel Laevium – Pre-launch FAQ

In less than a week, my steampunk novel Laevium will be finally out in the world. I’m super excited, but, since I received many questions about it, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a sort of before-launch-FAQ for my potential readers.

Sooooo, let’s start!

Will both the eBook and the paperback be out on December 11?

Well, theoretically yes. However, a slight delay (of a few days, up to a week) can be expected before the paperback will be available as well. After the release date, you can find the book on Amazon, and on most platforms (links soon).

What is this book exactly about?

Laevium is a half mystery, and half adventure steampunk novel. You can read a more detailed description here.

Steampunk is such a broad genre! What can one expect to find in Laevium? Magic devices? Mythical creatures? Scary zombies?

None of the above. Though invented, Laevium’s world is more of a science-based one, so you won’t find any magic or fantasy elements in it. All the contraptions and devices are thoroughly researched, and grounded in various existing discoveries, which I adapted to my fictional universe. Laevium’s Victorian London is about 30% real, and about 70% the product of my imagination. The cover artwork offers a glimpse of the setting.

What is the target audience of this book?

I wanted to write a story that could be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Though not exactly YA, the novel can be safely read by teens and adults alike. While you won’t find any sex scenes (explicit or not), violence, or other features that usually make an 18+ novel, I hope it will be an enjoyable read nonetheless for a more mature audience as well 😊

Is there any romance in Laevium?

Oh well… There is love in my novel. Plenty of it, I would say. However, though there are romantic elements in the story, Laevium is not a romance novel per se, and the focus is more on the plot itself, and on friendship and teamwork.

Why -ise instead of -ize? Why en-dash instead of em-dash?

Since the novel is set in Victorian London, I thought that writing it in British English would be the most appropriate thing to do. The British spelling was an intentional choice.

Post image: Laevium cover. Cover art credits: Alina Popovici

I'm an indie author, translation industry professional, and former magazine editor, with a passion for steampunk, cyberpunk, and historical fiction. My debut novel Laevium, a steampunk story set in Neo-Victorian London, is available from most major online bookstores.

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