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Welcome to Ruxandra Tarca website!

The Prodigal Twin

A Cerulean Airship Prequel Story
Jade Kendall Asher has never been an easy man to deal with. But when he starts disappearing for days on end, his brothers wonder about his mysterious escapades – and his ability to fulfil his duty as an officer in Her Majesty’s Safety Corps.

The Catcher of Souls

The Cursed Arts – Book 1
An assassin with a penchant for poisons. A gifted painter with a curse. And a Ripper.
Sebastian Blackmore, Viscount Keswick, has two obsessions: concocting poisons and hunting down individuals whose unnatural powers go against the will of the Crown. But when a killer known only as “Jack the Ripper” leaves a trail of dissected women in Whitechapel’s slums, Sebastian finds himself seeking a different sort of prey.
Abel Dunsmore, Earl of Wrenbury and Sebastian’s best friend, is famed as London’s most gifted painter. But his talent comes at a price—a curse he believes unbreakable. When Sebastian enlists his help to solve the mystery behind the gruesome murders in Whitechapel, the walls around Abel’s carefully guarded secrets crumble one by one, risking their friendship—and the life of the person he holds most dear.
Embarking upon a sinister pursuit through the gaslit alleys of London’s East End, Sebastian and Abel are soon to find out that the murderer they seek has much darker designs—and they only have until his next victim to uncover them.
The Catcher of Souls

The Catcher of Souls

The Cursed Arts – Book 1

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The Cerulean Airship


The Cerulean Airship – Book 1
Building Her Majesty’s new airship for the Engineers World Gathering is no small matter. Especially when a groundbreaking discovery is at stake, and dark secrets are lurking in the shadows. Available from most major online bookstores


The Cerulean Airship – Book 2
Jasper’s work on his new airship is anything but smooth. And when an outstanding rival project appears from the other side of the world, his efforts border the impossible. Available from most major online bookstores


The Cerulean Airship – Book 3
In a race against time, Edmund Asher, Earl of Wyverstone and spymaster extraordinaire, has only one choice – to win. Available from most major online bookstores

The Wandering Robin

A Cerulean Airship Story – Book 3.5
A past as heavy as a ballast bag requires bold decisions for the future. Especially when the present becomes something to protect.
Avery Hamilton sports a great deal of knowledge about airships, a charming smile, and a carefree demeanour. Plus a rather extensive collection of heavily guarded secrets that travelled with him from Sydney to London. Revealing them could mean losing not only his position as an assistant aeronaut, but also the woman who holds his heart.
Ivy Blackwell’s interests revolve around her airship, her assignments, and her food. On top of that, having Avery around as her assistant comes as quite an adequate addition to her endeavours as an aeronaut – even if he’s just an insufferable oaf who only knows how to tease her. Or so she tells herself. When a ghost from his past makes an unexpected appearance in London, Avery knows he must make a choice. One that Ivy is set to prevent at all costs.